Ongoing Koindex Rally Campaign Extension and Increased Rewards Notice


Fellow Koindexers,

“Koindex Rally Period Extended”


We have extended the Koindex Rally Campaign period, the date and time of the ranking announcement, and the reward amount has been increased.

Please refer to the following:

■ Campaign Period


Until 8/31/2020 20:59 UTC


Until 9/14/2020 20:59 UTC

■ Campaign Rankings Displayed

2020/08/31 〜

■ Rewards Increased

<Details of 3 Increases in Rewards>

・1st ~ 50th: one ranker will be randomly chosen to win 0.01 BTC!

・51st ~ 70th: 0.002 BTC

・71st ~ 100th: 0.001 BTC

All top 100 rankers will now receive a guaranteed reward!

<Campaign Summary>

During the period, users will compete for ranking in total transaction fees generated by the user + the transaction fees generated by directly referred users from that user.

BTC rewards will be distributed to the top 100 rankers.

<Campaign Rewards>

1st: 1 BTC
2nd: 0.5 BTC
3rd: 0.3 BTC 
4th~10th: 0.1 BTC
11th~30th: 0.01 BTC
31st~50th: 0.005 BTC
51st~70th: 0.002 BTC
71st~100th: 0.001 BTC

One participant ranked in the top 50 will randomly be drawn to win: 0.01 BTC

One participate ranked 51~100 will randomly be drawn to win: 0.01 BTC

For BTC Rally Campaign details:

Thank you for your support.

Koindex Team