KOIN Index Notice


Fellow Koindexers,

We are pleased to announce implementation of the KOIN Index is complete.


* Please note it may take several days for the chart to display data.

The KOIN Index began accumulating data from January 1st, 2020, while the performance from start to present has resulted in an increase of approximately 23% in value (this will be verifiable once the chart is released).

The KOIN Index has demonstrated stable performance even during the highly volatile year, and plays a major role in KOIN’s design philosophy of “stable improvement.”

<Composition Ratio of the KOIN Index>

The KOIN Index began collecting data from January 1st, 2020 at the ratio of USD 40, GOLD 40, & BTC 20.

The conditions for changing the composition ratio are as follows:

  • If the closing price of any of the index constituents gold, BTC, or USD increases or decreases by 10% from the closing price of the previous day.
  • The 1st of every month at 0:00 UTC

The algorithm automatically recalculates and changes the Index ratio.

For transparency and fairness, index prices of BTC and GOLD are obtained from the following third-party API’s:

Bitcoin: CoinMarketCap – BTC/USD

Gold: Metals-API – XAU/USD

Going forward every Monday, based on the value determined by the KOIN Index, the trading price of KOIN will be adjusted.

<KOIN Value Adjustment Structure>

[Every Monday]

① 6:15 (UTC)〜

Trading is temporarily stopped and all pending orders on the trade board are cancelled.

② 6:30 (UTC)

The index price is acquired from the KOIN Index to determine the opening base price for when trading resumes.

③ 6:45 (UTC)〜

Trading starts with the KOIN Index price acquired at 6:30 (UTC) as the opening base price. Users may buy and sell within ±10% of the opening base price. 

*Trading price limits may be revised in the future to improve the stability of KOIN.

KOIN is traded according to the unique trading rules as described above.

This entire structure attempts to “stabilize” the price of KOIN while preventing severe volatility. The main purpose of KOIN is to return transaction fee income generated on Koindex as passive income payouts to users.

Koindex aims to be an exchange that minimizes investor risk while providing stable revenue distributions.

Thank you for your support.

Koindex Team