A Message from CEO Anthony Regarding Koindex Leverage Trading and Turkish lira Implementation


Fellow Koindexers,

It’s been 3 months since Koindex has opened.

Thanks to the cooperation of various influencers and experts, the number of users in Turkey has steadily increased. We are grateful to all the users who helped promote Koindex.

The amount of requests has been building up, so I would like to address some today.

Let’s start with the Turkish lira.

Implementation is just around the corner. We plan to start with a purchase function, building up to board trading.

Regarding deposits and withdrawals, we will start using the following payment services:

MEFETE: https://www.mefete.com/

PEP: https://www.peple.com.tr/

We are currently negotiating with more partners and banks. We plan to increase the number of partners for deposits and withdrawals. In addition, we are planning to carry out a campaign where you can earn bonuses by making deposits through our above mentioned partners. Stay tuned for this.

We also plan to start leveraged trading through CFDs. Development is almost complete but will take some time to coordinate the governance.

We are really looking forward to this release, but above all, KOIN holders will have the biggest advantage. By acquiring liquidity in financial markets around the world as well as cryptocurrency SPOT transactions from Koindex, we can expect an increase in profit distribution and an increase in liquidity due to the enhancement of the KOIN fund.

In addition, since KOIN is issued only through mining by the liquidity of spot trading, new KOIN will not be issued through high leverage trading. To emphasize, you don’t have to worry about the oversupply of KOIN and the dilution of the value of KOIN, only pure revenue (increased daily distributions) is added.

Cryptocurrencies are not the only products that can be leveraged. We will also enable traditional financial products. It will be possible to trade on Metatrader, which has the largest number of traders in the world.

In short, we will create a trading platform with access to both cryptocurrencies and widely traded financial products that exist in the financial markets.

In addition, the cryptocurrency market these days is accelerating the flow of DeFi born (created) from Wall Street all over the world, and I get the impression that the era of decentralized finance will come soon.

As a result, major exchanges are also changing their business models. I have a personal idea, but you need to keep an eye on which chains will survive or coexist with other crypto projects.

Centralized exchanges have not fulfilled their roles yet, but as the CROSS project envisioned, we are moving with a view for the need to change to a decentralized model in the long term.

In addition, although the cryptocurrency market is changing rapidly, the market is not limited to cryptocurrencies. Koindex will carry out a strategy that differentiates it from other companies while grasping the trends of the times.

We hope you will look forward to what we plan for the future.