4,000 KOIN Mission


★ 4,000 KOIN Mining

* If you register from a referral link and mine $84, you can almost double your amount to $165 (earnings in $81).
In addition, KOIN holders will receive a daily revenue-sharing distributions from Koindex’s earnings.
Further, by enablign Automatic Repledge 90, the pledge 90 auto repledge bonus score will be added.

Invested Amount $84.00
Investment After Campaign $165.09
Gain $81.09
Gain Rate 196.54%

* With Distributions and Automatic Repledge Bonus added.
Campaigns to Take Advantage of:
① Referral 20 K/IUSD
② Auto Mining 4.9932% Bonus
③ Pledge 90 Battle 1% KOIN Bonus
④ Missions Mine 4,000 KOIN, get 2,000 KOIN

KOIN Price
(*on 9/23; Ref. only)

To Do: Amount Currency Dist. date/Memo
A: Deposit (own funds) $84.00 USDT
←Currency you must prepare
B: ② Auto Mine $88.19 USDT
(KOIN Price) 3,250.80 KOIN
C: ① Referral Reward 20.00 K/IUSD
3:00 UTC the following day
D: ② Auto Mine $20.99 USDT
(KOIN Price) 774.00 KOIN
E: Total KOIN received from Auto Mining (B+D) 4,024.80 KOIN
←4,000 KOIN Mission Cleared!
F: ④ Mission Bonus (Mine 4,000 KOIN, get 2,000 KOIN) 2,000 KOIN
4:00 UTC the following day
G: Pledge 90 Battle Score (Ex: 1.5x) 6,037.21 score
H: ③ Pledge Bonus (G x 1%)
* 1% if ranked below 100th
60.37 KOIN
Distributed after 10/5
Total for all Campaigns (E + F + H) 6,085.18 KOIN
(Priced in USDT) $165.09 USDT
* Based on the above simulated calculation, registering from a referral link and Mining with 84 USD,
a new user will end up with ~165 USD(earnings in $81).
(Simulation does not account for fluctuations in KOIN price. Calculated based on price as of 9/24/2020.)


・KOIN holders will receive a daily distributions from Koindex’s profits.
・By enabling Automatic Repledge 90, the automatic repledge bonus will be added to your score.
・Automatic mining stops when it reaches less than the minimum balance for mining, so it is highly recommended to set balances higher than minimum amounts. K / IUSD can be mined efficiently because they mine until balance reaches below $1.
・The Pledge 90 Battle Campaign rewards of KOIN and K/IUSD bonus will vary depending on rank.
・The price of KOIN was used as of September 24th and will change depending on the market price.
・This campaign simulation uses a new person as an example.
・Please refer to each campaign page for details.
・The numerical value of this simulation is for reference only as the achieved conditions are assumed in a simulated environment. Values ​​may vary due to market fluctuations, ranking differences, system impacts, and future campaign specification changes.
・Please refer to each campaign page for details.

Download the Campaign Summary/Simulation spreadsheet here.