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Exclusive for XEX Holders


Reporting to all XEX Holders from the Turkish Koindex Team. Koindex plans to launch during this historical time of financial uncertainty.

We have formed a team of specialists in finance, marketing, and technology development to provide new digital asset services through KOIN, our original token.

KOIN issued by Koindex has characteristics different from the unstable fiat currencies and many other digital assets.  It is an asset designed with stable price properties.

KOIN is the first design in the world where an index adjusts the price weekly, and investors can provide a stable element to their portfolio by holding KOIN.

We also provide a channel (transaction mining) for XEX issued by the CROSS exchange to be used in the mining of KOIN.

This attempt will also have a positive impact on XEX, where prices have recently hit bottom.

XEX used to mine KOIN will be paid to CROSS exchange, but will never circulate within the market again.

Pre-mining scheduled for June 1st will be a great opportunity, so take advantage of this opportunity as a XEX holder.

Please join us in supporting the launch of Koindex.

We are here for you.

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